This time last year I was in some of the best run shape of my life racing at the Cruel Jewel 56 miler. I was light, nimble and fast. I was putting down solid weekly mileage and enjoying the process. This year… life looks different. I’m lucky to get 5-10 miles in a week and probably haven’t glazed over 100 miles in the entire year. … Continue reading Pressure


The sun was setting over Hickory Heights as we started picking teams. “I’ll take Art.” We’d strung together 2 goals and placed them on opposite ends of the driveway. We’d carefully and colorfully lined off the free throw line and the 3 point perimeter. “Aight cool… I’ll take… Nathan.” The flood lights flipped on. Almost game time. “I’ll take Alex.” Nate starts dribbling the ball … Continue reading “Family”